Participant Stories

“I am completing the Heal and Strengthen the Spine with T'ai Chi and Qigong program with Dr Yang and I am so glad that I will be able to continue the practice with him.  Chronic low back pain has limited my activity for several years, and I have tried multiple modalities, including physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, and various injections, without relief. Finally, after the 5th weekly session, and with regular practice in between sessions, I am able to move and function in a way that I haven’t enjoyed in a very long time.” —Ellen Blye, MD.

“It has been enormously beneficial to my decrease in anxiety , general relaxation, improved sleep and increased sense of well being. I am better able to participate in the physical activities I enjoy with improved endurance and less back pain. Thank you , Master Yang .I am very grateful for this course.”  —Alexander Kagan, PT